Should My Chandler Investment Property Have a Pool? Property Management Education

One of the questions investors ask us most often is whether they should buy a property with a pool in the backyard. It’s a good question, since we live in Arizona and the weather is very hot in the summer. Swimming season is longer than in other areas of the country. There are a few things to consider with pools at your property. You’ll first need to understand that the price of the house will be higher than the price of a house that is exactly the same, but without a pool.

Benefits of a Pool

There are benefits to having a rental home with a pool. You will probably have tenants who might be searching for a home with a pool and won’t consider anything else. Owners want to rent homes as quickly as possible, so offering a home with a pool will attract a larger pool of tenants. You can also charge a higher rent on properties with a pool. You might get an additional $50 to $200 more depending on the area. Your property manager can help you determine the best price for your property.

Drawbacks of a Pool

The main drawback is that a lot of expenses can come with a pool. You’ll need to pay for monthly maintenance, which is often between $90 and $100. There’s also the occasional pool repair that will be needed, and you’ll have to figure those costs into your budget as well.

Communal Pools

Should My Chandler Investment Property Have a Pool? Property Management EducationWe suggest that if you are are uncertain, the expenses of a pool probably outweigh the benefits. However, there is another option. You can look for a property with a community pool, in a neighborhood association. If your house offers a pool that’s within walking distance and exclusive to the community, you’ll have the benefit of a pool without the additional expense. In essence, you get the best of both worlds.

If you have any questions about pools and what they could mean for your property, please contact us at Arizona Advantage Properties.