What Do Property Management Companies Do? Chandler, AZ Landlord Education

A lot of rental property owners are unsure about what professional property management companies do on a regular basis. It is definitely more than just collecting rent. There are several things that prospective owners can expect from day-to-day management services.

Rent and Finances

We collect rent from your tenants by having a portal set up so they can go online and make that payment. We process and directly deposit the rent into the owner’s account. We email a monthly statement to each owner to identify expenses and income for that month. We also file the rental tax on behalf of the owner every month.


Maintenance is a big part of managing a property. Tenants have the opportunity to log onto their portal and submit a service request. Based on what they request, we contact a vendor from our list of qualified vendors and we work with the owner’s home warranty company if they have one. If we discover that the problem is due to neglect or misuse by the tenant, we charge the tenant for the repair. Tenants will sometimes request items for the property or improvements. Based on Arizona law, we will make the required improvements and communicate with the owner about any requests that go beyond what is legally required.

HOA Notices

Tenants from time to time receive notices from the HOA, and we make sure to communicate with a written notice if a violation has occurred. We’ll provide the tenant with the HOA’s timeframe to correct the issue.

Late Rent

If a tenant is late paying rent, we send a notice to that fact. In our leases, rent is due on the first of the month. If we don’t receive the payment by the fifth of the month, we send out a Five Day Notice. If they do not pay the amount on the notice within those five days, then eviction proceedings will begin.

Inspections and Communication

We do an annual interior inspection and we also do a six-month inspection if the owner requests it. What Do Property Management Companies Do? Chandler, AZ Landlord EducationCommunication between tenants and owners is another important part of management. We protect the owner’s contact information. Unless the owner wants tenants to have their phone number and email address, we act as the switchboard between owners and tenants.

In a nutshell, this is what we do every month. We would love to work with you, so please contact us at Arizona Advantage Properties.