Chandler Property Management Services

The advantages of real estate investing in the Chandler, AZ area are tremendous. You own a tangible asset that isn’t going to disappear overnight because of corporate accounting, slight of hand, and plunging stock prices. Properties can produce solid cash flow, offer appreciation potential, and possess tax advantages that are beyond virtually any other investment vehicle. It is astounding how often you hear a millionaire state “I got my start investing in real estate”.

So why wouldn’t everyone prefer to invest in real estate?

The reason is because the hassles involved scare many investors off, and the brave ones that become real estate investors often feel like they purchased a second job dealing with tenants, toilets and trash.  Arizona Advantage Properties understands that the attraction to building wealth through real estate grows significantly when quality, reliable Chandler property management is in place to deal with  problems that owning investment real estate can create.

Let us share our decades of experience in investment property management with you. Experience that will help keep rents up, expenses down, and hassles under control. Call Arizona Advantage Properties today to maximize both your return on investment and your enjoyment of investment property ownership.


Through this entire process communication is of the up most importance. Many complaints about other management companies are about them not getting back to owners or tenants when needed. It is unacceptable to wait for days to receive a response. Our goal at Arizona Advantage Properties is to provide our owners and tenants with a response the same business day either by phone or by email.

Tenant Services

Tenants are an important part of the investment equation. Ideally, if circumstances allow, the tenants will renew their lease. With Arizona Advantage Properties , our policy is to treat tenants with respect and respond to their needs promptly. This in turn leads to more renewals, making for a win-win situation.

Rent Collection

Rent is collected from tenants each month using guidelines set forth in the lease. Systems are in place in the event rent payment is delinquent to collect such rent including late payment fees and legal notices.

Property Inspections

The Arizona Advantage team will perform interior or exterior inspections, if needed, during a renters current tenancy.  When this tenant moves out, a full inspection is completed by the property manager.  Any repairs deemed to be the tenant’s responsibility will be completed and deducted from the security deposit.  The property is then prepared for the next renter.

Marketing and Advertising

Arizona Advantage Properties has the following marketing tools available to get your property rented as quickly as possible: Internet with sites such as,,, Craig’s List, Hot Pads, & the Arizona Advantage Properties website; property signage, MLS, as well as over 150 agents in our office providing referrals.

Tenant Selection & Screening

The importance of getting a quality tenant to rent your property goes without saying. Arizona Advantage Properties utilizes a professional outside company to screen potential tenants providing, but not limited to the following: credit check, background/criminal check, past rental history, employment verification, and other information as necessary.

Monthly Statements

Arizona Advantage Properties provides monthly statements using specialized computer software programs to generate accurate, clear accounting of all monies.

Property Maintenance

The hassle of maintaining your property is taken care of by our Chandler property management team. We only work with licensed contractors to be certain you are provided with quality workmanship and care for your property. The work of these contractors is held accountable by the Registrar of Contractors of the state of Arizona.

Property Preparation

The Arizona Advantage team works together with tenants and owners to get the property ready for the next tenant. A walkthrough of the home is done to make sure the property is in good condition and the provisions in the lease have been followed. Owners are contacted when it comes time to replace flooring, re-paint, replace appliances, or other maintenance issues. The Arizona Advantage Team will facilitate these repairs/replacements.


Even though there is thorough screening of tenants provided by Arizona Advantage Properties, the need for an eviction is still a possibility. On the occasion where it cannot be avoided, the Arizona Advantage team has a system in place under the guidelines set forth in the Arizona Landlord Tenant Act to get the eviction handled legally and professionally.