Chandler Property Management Availability | Renting Your Home Quickly Part 4

Renting out properties in Chandler, AZ quickly to good tenants is a great way to maximize what you earn on your investment. We are often asked how we manage to rent our properties out so quickly. There is a multi-faceted approach that we have to leasing, and we’re sharing some of those tips in this four part blog series. In our previous blogs, we have discussed price, condition, and marketing. Today, we’re discussing availability.

Chandler Property Management: Be Available

If you have your property on the market, you must be available to answer the phone, answer an email, and take the time to schedule a showing and talk about your property to potential tenants. The biggest complaint I get from people who are trying to find properties to rent is that no one will answer the phone. Prospective tenants can’t see the property if you’re not willing to talk to them. Make sure you’re available and accessible, otherwise those interested tenants will move on to other homes.

Make Communication a Priority

One of the reasons we’re able to rent our properties so quickly is that we take communication seriously. If we don’t answer the phone right away, we return the phone call as soon as possible. We always respond to emails from prospective tenants. The goal is to rent as quickly as possible to the best tenants. We want our owners to make money, and they cannot do that on a vacant property. To illustrate our commitment, we don’t charge a management fee on vacant properties. AZ advantageThat’s our commitment to our owners and ensures we do the best we can to rent out properties as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions about property management in the Chandler and the Greater East Valley, please contact us at Arizona Advantage Properties. Hopefully this blog series has helped you with some information on how to rent out your property faster.