Getting Your Chandler, AZ House Ready to Rent | Renting Quickly Part 2

Renting out properties quickly to good tenants is a great way to maximize what you earn on your investment. We are often asked how we manage to rent our properties out so quickly. There is a multi-faceted approach that we have to leasing, and we’re sharing some of those tips in this four part blog series. This is part two, which focuses on the condition of the property.

Rent Ready Condition

We are standing in a property that is not managed by Arizona Advantage Properties, but it’s currently on the market. We’re using this property to look at some examples of work that still needs to be done. The flooring is not clean, and the walls are full of nails and need to be touched up with paint. In the bathroom, light bulbs are burned out and the blinds are in poor condition. The entire bathroom needs a deep cleaning. This is a nice property but in its current condition it will not rent quickly.

Preparing Your Property for the Market

A rent ready property has great landscaping that is weed free, and good curb appeal. It gives a good impression before the tenant even walks in. Inside, you want the home to be professionally cleaned. An important room is the kitchen. Make sure the counters are wiped down and the drawers and cabinets are empty and clean. Appliances should be ready to use. In the rest of the house, you need to make sure the light bulbs are all working. Check the carpeting. It should be shampooed and stain-free. Window coverings on all the windows should be intact. Paint throughout the house should be touched up and in good condition. Tenants pay close Getting your chandler az house ready to rentattention to bathrooms. They will open drawers and cabinets, and check the tub and the shower and the toilet. Everything should feel sanitary and in great condition. That will help you rent it quickly.

If you have any questions about getting a house ready to rent or anything pertaining to property management in the East Valley, please contact us at Arizona Advantage Properties. We look forward to bringing you our next blog in this series.