4 Reasons to Work with Arizona Advantage Properties in Chandler, Arizona

There are many reasons to work with us here at Arizona Advantage Properties, and today we are sharing the top four reasons.


Experience is very important, and you want to work with a manager who is experienced and educated in property management, especially in Arizona, where there are lots of laws and regulations governing rental properties. We stay updated with any changes in the federal, state and local laws. I have 25 years of experience in real estate investing and property management, and all of the staff members at Arizona Advantage Properties are landlords themselves. We know what it’s like to be where you are.

Income Potential

This is a hot button issue for anyone who invests in rentals. We make sure all of our owners are earning the maximum they can on rental income. Our property managers stay up to date on the current rental market and the rental rates. We are not afraid of raising rent when it’s time to renew a lease with your tenants. We talk to owners about comparables and explain to the tenant why the higher rent is justified. Vendors also give us great rates and do high quality work, which keeps your repair costs down. It also maintains the value and integrity of your rental property.


It’s extremely important to have good communication because there are many things going on, from tenants asking questions to property managers talking with owners and vendors. Many times the questions you have are time sensitive, so we make sure to return emails and phone calls promptly. We have heard complaints about other property managers waiting two or three days to get back to a property owner, and we think that is unacceptable. All of our owners have our personal cell phone numbers in case they need to reach us, and they have our emails as well.

Performance Guarantee

If the tenant moves out of the lease within the first six months, we credit the leasing fee back to you. We do a thorough Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 4.51.14 PMscreening process which includes checking credit and criminal backgrounds, verifying income and talking to former landlords, but sometimes tenants leave the property early for one reason or another. We make sure you’re protected.

These are the top four reasons to work with us, and we’d be happy to give you additional reasons. Please contact us at Arizona Advantage Properties if you have any questions or need any help.